Blackburn Preview vs Wigan Athletic (A)

Wednesday night will see Rovers travel to the DW stadium to take on Wigan Athletic.

Blackburn will be looking to bounce back quickly, following their abysmal 4-1 defeat to Preston at the weekend.

For that to happen, the defence will have to be a lot tighter, and Mowbray will have to learn from his tactical mistakes.

The Opposition:

Wigan Athletic, have not won a league game since the 20th of October, meaning it is an ideal game to attempt to bounce back into good form.

The game will also reignite the Dack vs Powell rivalry from last season, with both sets of fans feeling their player is the better one, though the debate was won after Dack won League One player of the season whilst Powell failed to make it into the team of the season.

However, if Dack is to show off his superiority once again, it will be up to Tony Mowbray to play him in his rightful position of a central-attacking-midfielder, rather than as a striker which was a role we saw him adapt to against Preston.

Predicted starting XI:


Nyambe Mulgrew Lenihan Bell

Evans Smallwood

Reed Dack Armstrong


Danny Graham failed to make the starting line-up on Saturday, and with the start Rovers had I would think that it is a pretty simple decision to put him back amongst the starters.

Harrison Reed has been quite probably the player of the season so far, and a performance from him anything close to what we have seen so far is likely to get the fans up on their feet.

The real problem with Rovers is the defence, as shoddy defending caused the game to go out of reach last time out. This could be put down to Lenihan and Mulgrew both returning from the international break after representing their countries, but that should not be used as an excuse.


I think Rovers have what it takes to come away from the game with three points, but if the same tactical mistakes are made again we could well be facing back to back losses.

Saying this, Mowbray is an honest manager who usually does learn from his mistakes, and if he does so again this time around I can see the blues leaving with a win

Wigan 1-2 Rovers

Picture Credit: Blackburn Rovers


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