Turbo Was Gro-sick Of Sitting On The Bench

Amidst his underlying attitude problems that have seen everyone involved at the club fall out of love with him, there’s no denying that City are desperate for Grosicki to return to form in a time of need.

Leaving the Polish winger completely out of the picture despite his availability was questioned by some and understandably so given the talent he possesses; however, it might well be one of the best decisions Adkins has made so far this season.

Grosicki was a ‘big fish in a small pond’, or so he and many others looking from the outside thought.

Therefore, he was guaranteed a more high-profile move away for his name alone, and so didn’t feel that it was necessary to put in effort and showcase his ability.

It’s an ongoing mystery as to why he’s still on our books, and by being left out, his reputation has diminished to the point where a potential January transfer could be in danger; he has no option but to pull his finger out and attempt to rekindle some kind of form.

Although I don’t think he’ll be a Hull City player much longer, he could be a hugely important player for us in the coming months.


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