Opinion: Troublesome Travels, Minor Inconvenience or Major Concern?

A 4-0 defeat to bottom side Preston marks a real low point in a so far impressive start to the season for Wigan Athletic. Sometimes though, trends appear. This one, rather obvious, we can’t win away. We can’t even draw away, other than one, standout 3-0 victory against Stoke we’ve lost every game.

I might be getting greedy here as a fan of a newly promoted side, perhaps I should just be happy with our outstanding home form as we have yet to be beaten at the DW this season. It does make you wonder though where the psychological block is coming from on the road. It’s the same basic game, 11 players each trying to put a ball in a goal and all that. Can’t really blame the home support either, as most “big club” fans will tell you our ground is quiet and half empty.

Paul Cook has said in interviews that we’re still playing well away from home but not picking up results, which has been the case in some games but not in others, certainly not in the last game against Preston. I’m more than sure that Cook himself will be scratching his head on this issue and trying to work out why things are going the wrong way on the road when results are so good at home.

Maybe we just don’t worry, promotion is realistically out of reach at the first attempt and if our strong home record holds up then relegation shouldn’t be too much of a worry. The main issue really is the pressure that it does put on the home form, because if that slips too, which upcoming home fixtures against West Brom and Leeds suggest it might, then the great work put in the early stages might just be undone and we could find ourselves sliding back into a relegation scrap. It can easily happen in this league.

Picture Credit: Wigan Athletic


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