Hull City: The Reunion?

Despite sitting at the foot of the Championship table, City arguably find themselves in the best position they’ve been in this season.

For a club that has gone into free fall following promotion to the Premier League, as bizarre as that may sound, fans have quite frankly lost interest in attending games and supporting the team – something that has been made secondary to protesting, boycotts and anticipation of a takeover.

As a result of the recent rumours, Paul Duffen’s name has become music to the ears of many a fan; most of which are unsure if it is a smart move, but fed up of their club been run into the ground by the Allams.

It comes as no shock that since Duffen has come into the equation, only one man’s mention wouldn’t be far away. Could Phil Brown make a shock return?

In all honesty, I hope not. I think the nostalgic novelty of it would wear off pretty soon with Brown not really achieving much since leaving City.

On top of that, if Duffen comes in, lays his cards on the table early and does everything in his power to get the fans on side and restore the togetherness at the club, which I fully expect him to (if it goes through), then there’s a possibility we can attract a better manager, if Adkins manages to last until then.

It’s all very exciting for everyone involved with Hull City, as the club nears a new chapter the fans have been pining for. Are better times just around the corner? Let’s hope so.

Picture Credit: Hull City


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