Is Adkins The Right Man For The Job?

For a long time, Hull been stuck in a period of transition where success is a rarity, unsurprisingly given the quality of departure from the club.

It isn’t pretty to watch by any means, to take a step back and look at how things have unfolded since the 2016 Play-off final.

As a result, it must be a demanding and frustrating job for any manager, one that guarantees criticism and constant pressure to perform for fans that have been spoilt in recent times.

Now I’m not saying that the criticism is unwarranted and painting Adkins out to be something he isn’t; he’s a competent manager at this level, nothing special, but with the farcical level of funding and freedom the Allams are willing to give a manager, I don’t think we could ask for a more well-grounded and efficient man to lead the club through a distressing period.

The harsh truth of it is, as long as the Allams are in charge, survival in the Championship can be our only target. As much as I like to see Adkins’ positivity and ambition of a top 10 finish, not many others in his position would even pose the question. Aside from that, he knows as well as anyone that we could well be in a dogfight come the end of the season, and I believe that he’s about as good as we’re going to get to ensure Championship football for next season.

Picture Credit: Hull City


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