Consistency The Key – Carlisle’s Crack At Competing

After a disappointing set back last weekend at home to Tranmere, Carlisle yet again responded in a positive manor this weekend; A hard fought away victory at Bury.

This, to the concern of some Carlisle fans, mirrors the topsy-turvy form that blighted Carlisle’s play-off credentials last term.

A total of 32 points were picked up at home for the Blues, picking up less than on the road for the first time in over half a century.

Good away form is always promising there is no doubting that, nevertheless, to be a top team home form needs to be the pinnacle of a clubs ambitions and unlike old times fortress Brunton isn’t having this effect.

Resolute away victories guided Carlisle to a 10th placed finish last term, and three early away victories have helped Carlisle up the table.

Nonetheless, with two home games coming up next week in a matter of days picking up points will be vital to keep up momentum and in all fairness Carlisle should expect to at least gain one victory from the two.

Buoyant Brunton a thing of the past?

With low attendances and mediocrity in entertainment the interest at Brunton has deteriorated as of late, especially with the debacle and fall out of the clubs hated owners.

During my time following the Blues there have been many highs and lows, but in 10 years regular attendances of 8,000 in League One have plummeted to the 4,000 mark.

The 2007/2008 season was one to remember with excitement fading into heartbreak at the last hurdle.

That heralded season Carlisle broke records winning 14 consecutive home matches, with scalps such as the mighty Leeds.

Unfortunately away form would let the Blues down and a horrible fate was sealed in the play off, losing to Leeds who scored in the dying embers of the second-leg.

Contrastingly, when Carlisle were at their lowest the results were on an embarrassing scale.

In 2014 Carlisle were relegated to League Two and this was set into motion in the first three games of the season.

A 4-0 away defeat sandwiched between two home games, losing to an aggregate of 9-1.

Definitely a low point in the Blues history…

Contention or concern for Carlisle?

The start to the season has been on the whole pretty promising, though the Blues are far from the finished article.

Contradictory to this. I have seen enough from the Blues to suggest they can get results and would back them against many teams in this league, so a top ten finish is realistic, however…


Picture Credit: Barbara Abbott


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