Late drama a cause for concern?

So far this season, Blackburn Rovers have dropped four points in their opening seven games, at the cost of a late goal for the opposing side.

To put this into perspective, we’re currently sitting in 13th place with 10 points, but had we not conceded late against both Ipswich and Villa, we’d be in 5th place as well as being able to boast a positive goal difference.

The first time we saw it happen in just this season alone, was on the opening day away to Ipswich Town. A scrappy goal by all accounts that only happened because our defenders seemed rooted to the spot, instead of going in for tackles.

For the late Villa goal, it was a completely different scenario, with a banger of a free kick finding the back of the net two minutes from time. The free kick, however, was totally avoidable. After a promising debut, Harrison Reed pushed Jack Grealish to the floor, and whilst he may have been looking for it, it was still a free kick.

However, it is not just this season where we have become accustomed to late goals, it happened numerous times last season, possibly costing us the League One title and even more importantly, it was probably the leading cause of our relegation two years ago.

Of course, all teams are going to concede late on sometimes, that’s just football. The question that we surely have to ask though, is how much longer can we afford to do this for?

So how can the problem be fixed?

With our performances this season on a whole, I would think that the way we are playing is not the problem, but concentration is.

With the transfer window just gone, we may be left with regrets that we did not manage to sign Charlton Athletic defender Patrick Bauer, as strength in depth at the back may have been able to help our problems. Then again, we do have Paul Downing able to fill in at the back, and whilst he was more than capable of the job at League One level, he is untried in the Championship.

Another solution may be for us to not sit back after scoring the first goal. Whilst it may be risky to keep pushing on late on with the lead, it’s now become obvious that trying to defend it just isn’t working, and we do have many proven goal scorers at the club.


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