Have Hull City Gone Forwards or Backwards Since This Time Last Year?

Considering the goings-on during this summer’s transfer window, particularly the departures from the club, it may come as a surprise to some that this is a question worth thinking about.

The final straw has been drawn for many fans as attendances have started to plummet in anticipation of long-awaited major changes at the club in terms of ownership.

Regardless of opinions and assumptions about the current situation of the club, no one truly knows what is going on behind the scenes. As far as meets the eye as a fan of Hull City, I truly believe that the club has moved forward from this time last year.

In terms of the squad that was at our disposal 12 months ago, there was a real sense of impermanence in terms of players and staff during what was, without doubt, a transitional period for the club.

The team was reliant on Leonid Slutsky’s ties with Chelsea and players that never really looked settled and were always playing for a move.

One year on, even at such an early stage in the season there is a feel of unity, an ability and a passion to play for one another and play for the shirt that has been lacking more than anything since Bruce left.

Although the standards may have dropped slightly, especially in terms of strength in numbers, Adkins came to the fore with an incredibly tough job on his hands with the club’s foundations bursting at the seams in December last year and he has done a hell of a job to transform so many aspects of the current squad that has a much more positive long-term outlook.

As a result, fears of a rapid downward spiral may not be behind us just yet, but there are certainly signs that the club is gradually starting to head in the right direction.


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