Stoke City Preview vs Swansea City

After the disappointing collapse at Hillsbrough, It’s important that Stoke get a win against a tricky Swansea side.

Considering how well we played at Hillsbrough, the players will undoubtedly be gutted they didn’t come back with a win. But they can’t afford to dwell on it with an entertaining Swansea side right around the corner.

Stoke just need to take the game to Swansea like they did against Sheffield Wednesday, if we can do that I’ve got no doubt we can kick start our season.

The introduction of Woods was a huge plus for us, as he and Peter Etebo dictated the game. He offered us quality we haven’t seen since we sold N’zonzi, considering it was a very late buy he looks like an incredible purchase.

Although it is very unlikely to happen, I hope Rowett drops Joe Allen. Allen, despite being considered one of our most influential players has been a bit of a liability this season. His foul on Bannan which lead to Wednesday’s equaliser summed up his recent performances, sloppy, careless and clumsy.

When we have our player in our ranks like Bojan, it’s strange to not see him playing a lot more. Especially when his position is being vacated by a player that’s not even a traditional ’10’ in Allen. There’s no doubt we’d be a lot more creative in the final third with Bojan playing.


With Swansea having so many injuries it’s going to be a big ask for them. If we perform to a similar standard to last match, I’ve got no doubt we can do well.

Stoke City 2-0 Swansea City

Picture Credit: Stoke City


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