Bradley Dack – Blackburn’s Best Bad Boy?

Wednesday morning brought the news that Rovers star man Bradley Dack had breached orders of community service.

It is understood that Dack, League 1 player of the season, had assaulted a police officer in September of last year. As a punishment, the midfield was given 140 hours unpaid work, though only 41 hours of this was actually completed.

It is also understood to be the third time that Dack has breached his community service orders and according to the Lancashire Telegraph, he was “terrified of being sent to prison”.

Tony Mowbray, who only recently has been made aware of the situation that Dack finds himself in, stood up in court yesterday to defend his player, going on to say that he was loved by the players and staff at the club, and that he had an “infectious” personality.

Mowbray also told the court that now he is aware of the predicament, he would be personally involved with ensuring Dack completes the mandatory work set.

After the hearing, Dack said “I am truly sorry about this matter

“I have no excuses and will accept the additional punishment handed down to me today.

“I would like to apologise to the court and to Blackburn Rovers Football Club for any embarrassment caused.”

Later, Dack went on to thank family members for their support.

I think it may be fair to say that he is a great player, no doubting that, but also a poor professional.

Rovers fans will be hoping that the case won’t affect his performances on the pitch, with the midfielder understood to be eager to get his boots back on.

If there is one silver lining to take from this though, it may just put off interest from West Brom and Leicester come January.


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