Black Cats’ Reality Check

Sunderland have enjoyed a good run this season so far, but Saturdays 1-1 draw against Oxford seemed like a reality check for Jack Ross’ side.

The victories so far have required Sunderland to work hard and it felt as though the Black Cats could have been due an off day. It was a frustrating performance from Sunderland and it was a lesson which Sunderland need to learn from.

Oxford came up to Wearside and stopped Sunderland from playing their usual attacking style of play. they won’t be the last team to do that this season, if Sunderland are to be successful this campaign they need to be able to break down these sides.

On the plus side, Sunderland came from behind to get a point after playing most of the match with ten men. Alternatively, It can be viewed that a team much lower in the division bossed them around on their own patch. Promotion will be the aim for Jack Ross but his sides performance left a lot to be desired.

The Black Cats have the makings of a solid squad and they’ve shown plenty of promise. The rough around the edge performance on Saturday was an eye-opener for most fans, but in the most positive sense of the word it was probably a good thing the match played out the way It did. The momentum of an unbeaten run for is still going, but Sunderland have still shown what can happen in this League and that it will be a marathon rather than a sprint. It was a reminder that Sunderland’s pre-season label as a big fish in a small pond was ridiculous. They are at this level and it’s proving to be a tough task, albeit enjoyable at the same time.

Coming from behind to pick up points is something which Sunderland have made a habit of. It’s all well and good proving almost every week that a side has the fight to come back from losing positions, but sooner rather than later Sunderland would come up against a side and they won’t be so lucky. They have most certainly won most of their matches the hard way this campaign.

It’s still a case of so far so good for Sunderland with the unbeaten run now at six matches. It’s important not to be so negative about some poor performances, but Sunderland fans couldn’t afford to get carried away at a level which is still very unfamiliar to them. reality has been checked on Wearside and it certainly won’t be the last time this season


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