An Afternoon To Forget For Blues

Birmingham City vs QPR isn’t really a fixture that screams out when you look down the list of 3pm games on Saturday, but it had potential to be a real good match up with both teams looking to put some much needed points on the board and go into the international break on a high. Instead it was the polar opposite and one of the worst games of football I’ve seen in a very, very long time.

Before the game I was quite optimistic we would come away with the 3 points yesterday, given the performances in previous games against better opposition. How wrong could I be? Very is the answer to that one.

QPR came with a game plan – do not lose at all costs. That’s exactly what they did and fair play to them for doing so. As we all know points away from home are a bonus so they’ll be delighted in doing so.

The first 10 minutes of the game the Blues looked like they were going to dictate the afternoon and really push QPR to the limit in order to gain our first 3 points of the season, but that fire quickly was put out and the game became very dull and tedious. So much so that the bloke next to me fell asleep – I’ll leave that up to you if it was one too many Worthingtons or the dross we had to sit and watch. 

I said to my old man before the game; “We best not drop to their level of play today”. Unfortunately we did and 90 minutes of hoofball was conducted. The late, great Brian Clough famously stated “If God wanted us to play football in the sky, he’d have put grass up there” and he couldn’t be anymore right. Which is why I feel perplexed about why we decided to stop playing our free flowing, in your face football against an opponent who had no intentions of really coming at us.

I could sit here and analyse the ifs, buts and maybes all day- unfortunately that won’t change the outcome of an overall disappointing afternoon and a missed opportunity. We now go into the international break with time to reflect and right a few wrongs before we get back into action against West Bromwich Albion.

For me, the international break has come at the right time for Monk and the squad. They can now put full focus on improving certain aspects of our game, as well as getting those all important fitness levels up even more. 

Enough about Blues now, I’d like to turn my attention to something that seriously needs to be addressed by the League and FA and that’s the standard of refereeing in this division.

Now before I start, I am in now way using this as an excuse for us not managing to put a poor QPR side away. But you have to start seriously considering how on earth these officials are actually fit to referee a game of football in Sunday league let alone the second tier of English football. I lost track at the amount of times Jutkiewicz was pulled to the ground by either of the QPR centre halves when competing in the air. Not to mention him giving the softest fouls I’ve seen (for both sides). You just got the impression that the man in the middle wanted to make it all about himself yesterday – stopping the game at every occasion he could, apart from when there was an actual foul being committed. 

The league need to seriously start reviewing who they employ to maintain order throughout 90 minutes of football, because based on viewing so far this season were starting to run out of referee’s who are actually fit to do so. 

So to conclude; the refereeing in the second tier of English football isn’t good enough and the wait for our first win of the new season goes on unfortunately, here’s to hoping that changes with the visit of WBA in 12 days time.

It could be worse though, we could be fighting amongst ourselves on the terraces…and on that note I bid farewell.

Keep Right On! 



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