Cause For Concern At Blues?

Yesterday marked five games without a win, following a bitterly disappointing 2-2 draw with Nottingham Forest.

If you asked Blues fans before the game if they’d have taken a point they’d have bit your hand off, but to throw away a 2-0 lead to end up with a draw? Not so much. 

Twitter is a wonderful place for people to voice their opinions on footballing matters, but Twitter is awful a terrible place for people to voice their opinion on footballing matters…

After Lee Camp’s costly error cost Blues all three points for the first time this season, many Blues fans took to Twitter to vent their anger (myself included).

I have no problem with fans saying how it is on twitter – after all football is a game of opinions, but some of the things I saw were beyond belief. So I sit here asking myself is it time to be concerned for Birmingham City this season? 

Well in short no, no it’s not time to be concerned for Blues. We’re five games into the new season and played some of the best football I’ve seen in a very, very long time.

Yes the results haven’t been what everyone would have wanted, but if you actually take a back seat and consider how far this squad (who looked absolutely certain to face the drop last season) have come you’ll realise it’s no all doom and gloom. 

Garry Monk has got a squad who were short of confidence and lacked any heart or desire competing, again. Bar the Middlesbrough game, Blues have been by far the superior side in every match they’ve played, so far. Considering the tools he’s been made to work with you have to take your hat off to the man.

He’s come in and reignited the special bond between the players and the fans – something that was completely ripped apart from previous regimes. You only have to look on the bosses twitter to see how much the fans adore him and everything that he stands for, which gives me the impression that Garry Monk gets Blues. You can see it in every post and pre match interview and conference he gives, he doesn’t come across as a man just tying to say the right things to please the fans. He actually thinks about what he’s saying and speaks from the heart and an individual who has a connection with our fantastic football club. 

Another important factor is that the players are buying into his philosophy and they want to play for their manager. It’s evident to see, from the performances we’ve seen and right down to the way they conduct themselves to the media as well as on social media. 

David Davis tweeted yesterday:

“Believe me the gaffer is building something special, Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

It’s the things like this which give you a little insight into the feeling around the Blues camp. No doubt they’ll be disappointed and annoyed their performances haven’t equalled the points we’ve acquired, but it’s only a matter of time before they do.

All in all, I like to look at the bigger picture and not just what is directly in front of me. The signs are there that this could still be a very good, strong season for Blues and under the leadership of Monk and his backroom staff I think we’re going to get that.

Yes it hasn’t gone to plan with the transfer embargo and restrictions put on the club, but Birmingham City are always better when they’re backs are against the wall and are having to face adversity. 

We as fans need to do what we do best, support the club. We need to forget players who have been told their not in the managers future plans, especially tweeting to them out of desperation – because it’s simply going to achieve anything. We need to focus and back the players Monk thinks are what’s best for the club, because he is the manager and a very good one, he’s done more than enough over his short time with the club to earn that right and in time it’ll all come together.

We now look forward to our next game against Queens Park Rangers at St Andrews, where the home support could be key to Blues earning their first three points of the season. 

Keep Right On! 

Picture Credit: Birmingham City


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