What’s Going Wrong? A Look Into Ipswich’s ‘New Era’.

A new manager, nine new signings, and a town full of support.. but why isn’t it working?

Let’s first take a look back at the last time Ipswich welcomed a new manager to the club, Mick McCarthy. A team that looked destined for League One when Paul Jewell was sacked, the club seemingly became a completely new team under McCarthy, which included a play-off push in 2014/15 which was incredible to say the least as he battled the financial backing, or lack of, from Marcus Evans.

Mick McCarthy definitely left the team in a better condition than when he came into the club, but that didn’t exactly mean that the team was going to work.

Paul Hurst took over during the summer, and filled the club with fresh, unknown new faces, with most players coming from lower leagues, and some of Towns best players being sold or released, it looked like a risky move to improve a team that’s found its home in England’s second division.

As many, like myself, thought, it didn’t work, or at least it’s not working at the moment. The opening day of the season was eventful to say the least, a 2-2 draw with newly promoted Blackburn. The result really wasn’t too tough to get over; a team full of momentum and hunger to get back to the Premier League – and we get a point! Rotherham was a completely different game, dominating and controlling the whole game but losing, it felt like 2011/12 all over again.

Its sad to say that the feeling of not progressing continues, Ipswich most recently lost to Derby County, a team destined for the play-offs surely. Although most managers struggle in their first season in charge with the pressures of finding out how their team should and will work, it seems as if the morale around Ipswich remains sour with not many people having high hopes for the club.

Without winning a competitive game since taking over, it’s clear Hurst is still finding out what he finds is best for the team.

Only time will tell if the ‘new era’ will work, or if Paul Hurst is just another name that fans will soon forget.

Let’s hope Ipswich pick up form, gel together and give fans what they’ve been craving for over a decade and a half.



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